Thermal Mass Panel Optimization

Michela Turrin, Martin Tenpierik, Sevil Sariyildiz

This study concerns the use of Stochastic Optimization, in particular Genetic Algorithms, as a performance-driven form-finding tool.

The goal is to arrive at suitable forms for a series of vertical panels made out of concrete, which would function as thermal mass for the regulation of the indoor climate on an office building in Shengyang, China.

The panels should be performing according to thermal, structural and material economy-related goals. At the same time, they should be designed so as to add a unique character to the atrium.


Turrin, M. Chatzikonstantinou, I. Tenpierik, M. Sariyildiz, S., "Engineering Performance Simulations in Architectural Design Conception.", Proceedings of the 31st eCAADe Conference, pp. 137-146, Delft, Netherlands, 2013
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