Assemblage r3


Assemblage is a template for the Stacey CMS. It differs from most static templates in that it generates layouts for project indices dynamically using client-side scripting. In this sense, I tend to see it as a kind of "other half" for the Stacey CMS: Stacey organizing and providing the static content and Assemblage presenting it in a dynamic and efficient way.

Almost all of the navigation and layout in the main page is build on top of Javascript and jQuery. A special layout plugin has been developed for this purpose (which will be released separately once it is more thoroughly evaluated), based on ideas from jQuery Masonry and vGrid. The concept behind these plugins is to arrange a collection of elements in a layout that is as spatially efficient as possible, while maintaining their order. Assemblage draws on this principle to produce an arrangement of project and/or category snapshots on screen, essentially generating a composition that uniquely identifies the index page. Apart from the aesthetic uniqueness, the functional benefit of this approach is that screen estate is used optimally and the layout may adapt to various browser widths, which makes it compatible with a wide range of devices.

Navigation relies on the concept of filtering. When the index page loads, all projects are visible as preview boxes. Sliding the navigation panel and selecting a category or sub-category hides all preview boxes except the ones belonging to the selected category. Clicking on a category will show all of it's items as well as those of all of it's sub-categories.

The same navigational functionality as the home page is provided for every category page, with the only difference that the navigation of each category includes only it's own contents.

The page template on the other hand follows a completely different, clean approach that focuses first and foremost on bringing the content forward. Navigation is there at the end of the project pages. The project template also features a nice and clean print style so your content shows best in print as well as on screen. Partials are available for downloads (_downloads folder), pdfs, linkrolls (files in the _links folder), video, html fragments and inclusion of Disqus-powered comments.

Finally, it comes along with the DejaVu sans typeface.


Following the installation guidelines set by the Stacey CMS, installation of Assemblage is a snap. Just replace your "public" and "templates" folders and you're set to go, provided that you have the same exhibition names as the original Stacey installation (e.g. index.html, page.html). Assemblage does not require any modification of the core components of stacey (that is, the /app folder).

Assemblage is free software, but it's development requires a significant amount of time and effort. If you find it useful in any way, please consider supporting by donating.

Sites using Assemblage

Here is a short list of some of the fine portfolios that use / are based on Assemblage.